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Following a nationwide call for aspiring visual artists working in any field or medium to submit their work to a panel of art reviewers, a final selection of 16 British and international artists was made. In reviewing the work submitted by so many gifted aspiring artists, we were pleased to see such diversity of subject and medium.

Their combined submissions have been brought together into one beautifully curated display of more than eighty individual artworks. Powered by IN:SIGHT and driven by the vision and experience
of Washington Green’s dedicated Creative Team, this year’s Summer Exhibition boasts a wonderfully varied spectrum of art. Designed to allow all disciplines a chance
to shine, we hope to introduce audiences
to previously unfamiliar styles and subject matter. We hope visitors to the exhibition will derive great enjoyment from not only how the various pieces complement each other, but also the contrast that the work provides when viewed as a collection in its entirety.

The #SummerExhibition16 in Birmingham is exhibiting McCrow’s work all month, along with other emerging visual artists. There’s a vast range of contemporary art on display, well worth visiting if you’re around the area!

Arsenal of Democracy by McCrow — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

An original work of art created from 2,552 spent rounds

Arsenal of Democracy 2,552 spent rounds, Size 80cm x 100cm Captain America, one of the very first weaponized heroes. A failed army recruit, enhanced by the military-industrial complex into a super solider to fight for freedom and liberty a true patriot. Captain America Comics number 1 issue was in March 1941 and his first act was to go and wallop Hitler. A noble debut to be sure, but this is a time when America is neutral in the war in Europe. 9 months later, in December 1941, America declared itself the ‘arsenal of democracy’ and joined WWII against Germany. The reality of giving Hitler a wallop was sadly not as depicted, contrasted by the realities of war, Captain America’s popularity waned and he was frozen… The same cannot be said for the military-industrial complex that has continued its growth and influence at an almost incomprehensible pace.

First Kill by McCrow — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

An original work of art created from 2,197 spent rounds

First Kill 2,197 spent military rounds 175cm x 102cm The Space Invader made up of 2,197 spent rounds. This was the one of the very first digital enemies to be killed. Digital warfare, this is where it all began in 1978; it started so innocently…

HULC by McCrow Art — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

An original work of art created from 2,522 spent rounds of ammunition

HULC 2,552 spent rounds, Size 80cm x 100cm tHe military-indUstriaL Complex; out of control, not just in fiction. The US spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined. For more information on the HULC see; Lockheed Martin Corporation One of the largest companies in the world with 78% of revenue from military sales. Missiles and Fire Control Business Development Phone: +1 (407) 356-4464 The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Albert Einstein

Mental by McCrow Art — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

The UZI mounted onto barcode perspex

Mental UZI mounted onto large format, perspex face mounted, digital barcode print Decommissioned UZI 9mm Sub Machine Gun mark One Less Gun Origin; Israel Barcode scans Mental Size 180cm x 60cm This UZI 9mm, developed by Israeli Industries for the Special Forces for clearing enemy bunkers of its residents at a rate of 10 a second, has become an icon of film and gaming industry. Whilst most revel in the kudos of this icon the reality is, this weapon is successful because of its ruthless termination of life and unimaginable profitable for it manufacturers. Compounded by the profits to the military-industrial complex in waging the war on drugs and the revenue to the criminal fraternity for its monopoly of prohibition of the same, it is indeed a strange world and we be strange creatures, to continue to allow such exploitation of ourselves for the profit of so few, and still find this tool of death so alluring. In the production of this piece, one of the deadliest weapons on earth has been destroyed and juxtaposes, that to simply appreciate this piece, destroys guns, raises awareness and ultimately saves lives. It is time to begin to question the accepted commerciality of such weapons and wars that no longer serve our society. The UZI is destroyed and marked ‘One Less Gun’ on the rear; the barcode is a reference to the UZI mass production and scans ‘MENTAL’ …for so many reasons.

Gun Peace by McCrow Art — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

AKM chopped up framed

Gun Peace AKM chopped up framed Size 150cm x 100cm An almost brand new AKM from a storage facility in the Middle East.If left unchecked, this weapon would be fully functional for decades. A perplexing realisation about the illicit small arms market, which is estimated to be 10 – 20% of the total global arms trade, is that 100% of these weapons leaked from official government stock piles – just like this one.

I.C.E.   In Case of Emergency by McCrow Art — The IN:SIGHT Shortlist Collection

I.C.E. In Case of Emergency Deep frame painted red, glass front, In Case of Emergency painted on glass. Removed from DR Congo Decommissioned AK47 enclosed Size 112cm x 51cm x 9cm Secured by the UN, made safe and deactivated, nothing has been done to this AK47. It is fresh from the battlefield. It poses a question; If we didn’t feel so safe, would you keep one, …just in case?

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The exhibition runs from 30.07.16 – 28.08.16

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